About Elaine

15 Years ago while giving birth to her 6th child, Elaine had a stroke which at the time left her completely paralysed which was mostly overcome in 9 months.  The stroke was caused by a hole in her heart which has now been implanted with stents to prevent further strokes.  Although she has overcome immense difficulties she is still relearning how to speak (mainly nouns).  I’ve known Elaine for 13 years, and as a person with a strong background in psychology, I’ve found her ability to remember, and mainly pronounce, nouns and verbs has increased noticeably since she’s been using doterra’s products.

“When I first started using essential oils I didn’t have much idea of what to expect. The first few oils I tried helped me a little with my memory and I felt a little more clear-headed but it was when I started using Copaiba essential oil late last year that I noticed dramatic improvements to my focus and clarity, in only a few days.  These oils are definitely working for me”.    Elaine

Because of the obvious good effects I’ve seen in Elaine, I decided to join doterra and try them out.  And I’ve truly found the vitality pack and oils, boost my immunity, keep me healthy, my mind balanced, and give me more energy especially when I go dancing.

I was fortunate enough to meet Elaine when she joined my dance classes and I was immediately interested in her and I’m pleased to say 13 years later I still find her incredible, inspiring, fun, and enjoyable; She is always learning new things and constantly overcoming hurdles with nasty, depressed, and problematic people.

Although I have 2 Psych degrees, I believe exercise should be fun and enjoyable so I mostly taught partner dance, salsafitness, tai-chi, and mental wellbeing classes, because I like being happy, just like Elaine, and happiness involves caring about the whole mental, physical and emotional aspects of ourselves.  Therefore we have provided for you, for free, various free lessons that we hope you will also find enjoyable and helpful on juliannas.pureoils.




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