Our Team Members

Elaine Smith
Our caring team leader.  She helps us, visits us, shows us how to use the oils.  But most of all she listens and hears what we have to say. She’s happy to gently show you about oils in your own time, when you want. There is never any pressure to join and her team consists of people who joined only because of the health benefits for themselves.

https://elaines.pureoils.nz +64 21 2526358


Richard Kell of Kell Consulting has helped develop our websites.  Explains the more technical aspects of Doterra membership to us and is Elaine’s voice when she needs one.  He has a lovely, considerate manner and a good kind heart.  And makes our team members websites for free. Richard Kell     https://kell.co.nz
+64 21 2124278


Julianna krishna has B.A & Post Grad in Psyc. And has helped many people; overcome barriers, live happier more joyful lives, and achieve their goals.  She believes in complete whole wellbeing: physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Hence her dance, taichi, salsafitness, and personal development classes.  And her interest and regular practice of meditation, Reiki, aromatherapy, visual therapy, and healthy thought processes.  She’ll joyfully, happily and freely share her extensive wellbeing knowledge with you; a good person to know.

Press here for contact details


Kevin Cunningham (Painter) joined after he discovered how good the oils worked for his sleeping and back pain.  Everyday he diffuses lavender and cederwood for sleeping and likes copaiba and frankinscense. And he uses Ice blue rub when needed for any muscle or joint pains. As a painter he is great to talk to for all those people who are in similar working environments.  Kevin is a lovely, friendly, helpful, person who is happy to give people painting advice aswell as doterra help. Another genuinely good person to know.

phone 0226907633

kevinkjc09@yahoo.com. https://kevins.pureoils.nz